Monday, May 2, 2011

[Tutorial] how to play again One Single Life without delete it.

Do you remember when we talked about One Single Life, the game that can be played only one time? Now I'll shows you with a simple tutorial how to play this game how many times you desire.

What you need:
• iPhone jailbroken;
• iFile (available on Cydia Store);
• One Sigle Life installed (available free on AppStore).

1. Run iFile and go here /var/mobile/Applications;

2. Find One Single Life folder and open it;

3. Go in ‘Documents‘ folder ;

4. Delete the data.plist file in this folder.

5. Quit One Single Life (if already opened) and run it again.

6. Enjoy ;)

Andre_Ita .


  1. Nice, I've played this once before. It'll be good to have another shot at it.

  2. Interesting, haven't played this as I don't have an iPhone, but cool nonetheless

  3. Wow, thanks. Very interesting concept for a game. Permadeath.

  4. Ha, sweet trick, good thing my iPhone is jailbroken :P

  5. Thanks for the tip! I will try this out right away.

  6. that's very helpful! thank you man.

  7. I played this game, fell, and promptly deleted it.

  8. It sounds intriguing... wish I had an iPhone!