Thursday, May 12, 2011

[APP] TextFreek

Have you ever heard about TextFreek? Probably no.
TextFreek is a free App that allows you to send text messages between  devices that share this App. This messages are completely free, infact you just have an 3G connection or WiFi connection. The fairness of this App is that you can sent free text messages between iPhone but also Android and BlackBerry.

Infact the App's developer has released the same App for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.
So pick up your devices and search your app:
iPhone -> TextFreek on AppStore
Android -> ChompSMS on Android Market
BlackBerry -> CrunchSMS on AppWorld
The App is free for both devices, here the Official TextFreek Web page.

So, Start texting!! :)


  1. Most tariffs have unlimited texts now anyway...

  2. what? that is so fucking cool! we don't have unlimited texts at all in brazil so that's pretty useful. thanks!

  3. This is great for anyone that doesn't have unlimited texting. I wonder how it works though.

  4. thanks for the tip. This seems like a must-have app

  5. This is a cool idea, my iphone is jailbroken, so theres nothing to stop me using this with a pay as you go sim and just not pay for texts lol?

  6. wow looks great- maybe this will establish on a good position