Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iphone 5 maybe will have 64gb storage!

If iPhone 5 will be released in Autumn, so probably it will have 64gb of internal storage!
Indeed Toshiba, presented that new tipe of memory, SmartNAND.
The SmartNAND memories will replace the actual ones mounted on iPhone 4.

For the moment these new memories aren't avaible, few samples will be in the middle of April 2011, the release for public is programmed for the third quarter of 2011.

So if the delay of the release of iPhone 5 is real, probably we will see  Toshiba SmartNAND 64Gb on the new iDevice with best read/write performance!


  1. Can't wait for the new I phone !!!

  2. Never been a fan of the iphone. I've got a touch but it was a gift. I much prefer the android OS.

    Apple just abuse their customers left right and center with their extortionate prices.

  3. I will probably be getting the iPhone 5. I am on Verizon and I've been waiting for the update to jump in. There better be some cool shit in this upgrade and not some iPhone 4GSX89 bullshit.

  4. SO that means the androids will be pushing 128 GB right? JK

    Keep up the great work and come check out mobys blog. :)

  5. well, i really dont like apple products

  6. Guess my 3GS is gonna dance :P

  7. never had a iphone, but with every new version i am more likely to buy one