Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[APP] Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is an awesome game for our iDevice. 
The goal of this game is reach the farthest island helping to fly a little bird gaining speed sliding between the hills presents on the islands.

The game ends when the night came. So you have limited time for complete your objectives and beat your records.

This app isn't free, the price is 0.99$, but bealive me, buying that app you aren't wasting your money!

This game is very addicting, play for your own risk!


  1. Might have to give this a good review, completed it already ;)

  2. This looks awesome, totally downloading it

  3. I played a flash game like that back in high school, can't remember the name but I'm sure it was made by the same people that made that game where you clubbed a penguin as far as you could hit it! These types of games are always addictive!

  4. Ooooh nice ;) Angry Birds vibe, will be checking this out indeed!

  5. i hope this game cames out fory symbian 3