Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[APP] Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a downright adorable action-puzzle-physics game. It isn't a new game, but i think that it is my favourite game, so i've decided to share it with you!
This is a very addictive game, it’s also fresh, challenging, gorgeous, and highly entertaining.
The rules are very simple, and the controls are very intuitive; this is a kind of game that can be played in every moment, so in short it is the perfect game!

The goal of each level is to feed a piece of candy, suspended by a series of ropes, into the mouth of a cuddly little monster named Om Nom, who is located somewhere in the level. To do that, you have to cut the ropes that suspends the cany. When you do that you can also pick up all of the stars in the level, if you pick up all the three stars you're golden.

The game, as a challenging game, became more hareder level by level, infact you have to choose in what order or wich ropes to cut; there are also spikes and electricity, but there are also bubbles that helps you to make float the candy.

At the moment Cut The Rope has got 7 Box, and in each box there are 25 levels; the update,that are quite frequent (about one every two month),bring a new box each time.

AppStore 0.99$


  1. wish i had an iphone, il have to look for a similar game on android

  2. I downloaded the free version of this a while ago

  3. Wonder if they have this or something similar for Android OS.

  4. I was just talking about this with my roommate, badass game.

  5. I'm an android fan, iphone tech is just for people with too much money.

  6. I love this game, highly recommended.